Shao'lin si dao
Shao'lin si dao

Most effective self-defense class

(Bei Leung & Lo'han Chuan)

Authentic Shao'lin Kung Fu

(shao'lin wu yi)

Chinese Buddhist Healing Art

Systems (Styles):

Northern Eagle Claw ( Pei Ying Jow ) - including Nei Gung Health Exercise School

Tigerclaw                (Bei Hu Jow)
Northern White Dragon    (Bei Leung) - includes Ultimate Palm Self-Defense

Snake Fist                (Sse Chuan)

Buddha Fist             (Lo'han Chuan)

Lo'han 18 Hand      (18 Lo'han Zhang)

Sillum Tai Chi Chuan (Shao'lin Bei Leung - Wu Tai Chi Chuan - Bagua Zhang)

Shao'lin Kung Fu originally comes from the Shao'lin buddhist Temple in the Songshan mountains in Henan, China.
This old art is a martial art and form of self defense that is connected to the teachings of Chan Buddhism. Ch'an means unending meditation, and its founder was Bodhidarma (Ta Ma)) from India. 

He was the 28th Patriarch of Dyana (chinese ch'an) Buddhism in India, and he became the first Patriarch of Ch'an Buddhism in China. Here meditation and spiritual abilities are more important than reciting the Sutras.

Shao'lin is a life philosophy and it includes a big school of healing arts (Nei Gung, Chi Gung, accupuncture massage).
He who only wants to learn the health exercise should study Sillum Tai Chi Chuan.

You can improve and promote health practicing it. 

The healing arts are also used as therapy. Master M.Sillum taught  5 systems of Shao'lin for 25 years and taught the US Marines and Army in combat. In every system you can learn the long stick, one of the main weapons of Shao'lin.

Sigung M. Sillum, Schwäbische Alb
Classes held at Protestant Community Hall in Gomadingen also in Metzingen and Stuttgart

Contact and info at or phone +49 (0)15227380178